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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

All Roads Lead To The White House

Not that there was ever any doubt. The wheels of Justice grind slow, but Bushie is about to find out how exceedingly fine they do indeed grind.

The White House's active involvement in the firings, as depicted in the report, can be divided into two broad categories: First, its role in initiating and promoting the overall plan to remove an unspecified number of U.S. attorneys -- traditionally treated as apolitical prosecutors who operate independently from the political agenda of the administration -- deemed insufficiently committed to the Bush agenda. And second, its apparent work in pushing specifically for several of the most high-profile dismissals.

Monday, July 28, 2008

(High) Crimes and Misdemeanors

From the good people at

Each scandal is represented by a colored circle that encompasses the people who are implicated. As it's easy to see, many of the players here are mixed up in two, three, or more of the alleged crimes. Hence all the overlapping circles (Venn-diagram heaven!).

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hunter is Right

This is really what it boils down to, and why we need to excise the cancer on the American project that BushCo has become:

I could believe that the United States would be reduced to torture; we have tarnished our history with more and with less, over the last two centuries, and it would be naive to presume it had ended, say, with the internment of Japanese Americans, or with the officially sanctioned witch hunts of the paranoid and rigorously manipulative McCarthy era. But I would have found it harder to imagine, even eight years ago, that human torture would be considered the more noble choice than refraining from it, or that those that opposed it would be met with such mockery, or such flag-waving revulsion.

The concept, after all, is simple: one should not torture potentially innocent people. Forget the more unambiguous version, one should not torture anyone -- we are not even halfway there. We can base the premise simply on the notion that one should not torture innocent people to find out whether they "know" something, and you would still find that central element of morality, of basic human principle, of Christianity or any other religion you can name, to be, in America, in 2008, a controversial statement likely to get you condemned as a fool or worse. If you are opposed to the torture of the innocent, you will face the wrath of fat, hateful radio blowhards. You will face condescending, patronizing, entirely amoral lectures on newly discovered legality of the acts from administration lawyers speaking from the editorial pages of our newspapers. You will be told that what you consider torture, what every other society including our own has considered torture up until this very moment of time, is not in fact torture, and that you have affection for terrorists if you think otherwise.

This is the legacy of the Bush administration, and likely the one that will stick long past the other violations of law or ethics. We have glorified brutality, and demonized compassion, and sought to make pariahs out of any that object. And, as a society, we have accepted these premises, and adapted them into our culture, and made them American.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Impeachment of George W. Bush

Is Dennis Kucinich the only Dem. in the House with the cojones to do what needs to be done?

See full text of impeachment articles here.

Rhymes with Spinach. I'm beginning to like the guy.

Update: Referred to the Judiciary Committee. Membership list here. If your representative is on this list, write or call them and tell them you want there to be hearings on the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Let them know you'll hold them accountable in November if they fail to act!

Ranking Members
  • Hon. John Conyers, Jr. (Chair) (D) Michigan, 14th
  • Hon. Lamar S. Smith (Ranking Member)(R) Texas, 21st

  • Hon. Berman (D) California, 28th
  • Hon. Boucher (D) Virginia, 9th
  • Hon. Nadler (D) New York, 8th
  • Hon. Scott (D) Virginia, 3rd
  • Hon. Watt(D) North Carolina, 12th
  • Hon. Lofgren (D) California, 16th
  • Hon. Jackson Lee (D) Texas, 18th
  • Hon. Waters (D) California, 35th
  • Hon. Delahunt(D) Massachusetts, 10th
  • Hon. Wexler (D) Florida, 19th
  • Hon. Sánchez(D) California, 39th
  • Hon. Cohen (D) Tennessee, 9th
  • Hon. Johnson (D) Georgia, 4th
  • Hon. Sutton(D) Ohio, 13th
  • Hon. Gutierrez(D) Illinois, 4th
  • Hon. Sherman(D) California, 27
  • Hon. Baldwin(D) Wisconsin, 2nd
  • Hon. Weiner(D) New York, 9th
  • Hon. Schiff(D) California, 29th
  • Hon. Davis(D) Alabama , 7th
  • Hon. Wasserman Schultz(D) Florida, 20th
  • Hon. Ellison(D) Minnesota, 5th

  • Hon. Sensenbrenner Jr.(R) Wisconsin, 5th
  • Hon. Coble(R) North Carolina, 6th
  • Hon. Gallegly(R) California, 24th
  • Hon. Goodlatte(R) Virginia, 6th
  • Hon. Chabot(R) Ohio, 1st
  • Hon. Lungren(R) California, 3rd
  • Hon. Cannon(R) Utah, 3rd
  • Hon. Keller(R) Florida, 8th
  • Hon. Issa(R) California, 49th
  • Hon. Pence(R) Indiana, 6th
  • Hon. Forbes(R) Virginia, 4th
  • Hon. King(R) Iowa, 5th
  • Hon. Feeney(R) Florida, 24th
  • Hon. Franks(R) Arizona, 2nd
  • Hon. Gohmert(R) Texas, 1st
  • Hon. Jordan(R) Ohio, 4th
  • Thursday, May 22, 2008

    The Tipping Point: Rove Subpoena

    (Washington, DC)- Today, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) issued a subpoena to former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove for testimony about the politicization of the Department of Justice (DOJ), including former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman’s case. Yesterday, Rove’s attorney, Robert Luskin, sent a letter to the Committee expressing that Rove would not agree to testify voluntarily, per the Committee’s previous requests.

    “It is unfortunate that Mr. Rove has failed to cooperate with our requests,” Conyers said. “Although he does not seem the least bit hesitant to discuss these very issues weekly on cable television and in the print news media, Mr. Rove and his attorney have apparently concluded that a public hearing room would not be appropriate. Unfortunately, I have no choice today but to compel his testimony on these very important matters.”

    Separately, Chairman Conyers recently received a letter from DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) indicating that the office has opened an investigation into allegations of selective prosecution of Siegelman and others.

    The Bush Justice Department is about to have its worse-than-Watergate shenanigans gone over with Mr. Conyers' very, very fine comb. Get ready for heads to roll.

    Saturday, May 03, 2008

    Bush Terror State Targets Whistleblowers

    "In two states where US attorneys are already under fire for serious allegations of political prosecutions, seven people associated with three federal cases have experienced 10 suspicious incidents including break-ins and arson."

    "These crimes raise serious questions about possible use of deliberate intimidation tactics not only because of who the victims are and the already wide criticism of the prosecutions to begin with, but also because of the suspicious nature of each incident individually as well as the pattern collectively. Typically burglars do not break-into an office or private residence only to rummage through documents, for example, as is the case with most of the burglaries in these two federal cases."

    (you know the tune ...)

    When, oh when will we impeach the shrub?
    impeach the shrub,
    impeach the shrub?

    When oh when will we impeach the shrub? impeach the shrub TODAY!